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1 Yahweh in the Flesh... on Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:36 pm


Yahweh is speaking of Yahushua and..."He says, "He is a diminished part of Me, on behalf of you , existing as My servant to stand up for and establish, restoring the tribes of Ya'aqob, and to change, restore and preserve Yisra'el . I will give You as a gift to provide light to Gentiles , existing as I Am Yashuw'ah (salvation) to the distant limits the land, earth, world, and space , says Yahuweh, Redeemer of Yisra'el, the Set Apart One ." (YashaYahu / Isaiah 49:6-7)

Everything you need to know is encapsulated in these words. Yahushua is the "diminished manifestation of" Yahweh, "part of" Him, sent to us, "for our benefit." And before Yisra'el, or we for that matter, can be "preserved, sheltered, and protected" we must first be "restored, changed and renewed." That process is the direct result of Yahweh "standing up for us, establishing us" so that we can stand with Him. God stood up for you and me, accepting our sentence. That is the definition of redemption.

Here is what happenes upon his return when he is not diminished.

This shall come to pass (hayah) on a day (ba ha yowm) in which there shall not be (lo hayah) a diminishing (qipa’on - reduction) of His (huw’) esteemed and beloved (yaqar - precious and valuable, splendorous and beautiful, rare, prized, worthy, influential, and magnificent) light (‘owr - illumination)." (Zakaryah / Zechariah 14:6)

In this extraordinary statement, the Mighty One is revealing that He will return without dialing down His power. Since a Creator is greater than His creation, considering the size of the universe, it’s hard to fathom the scope of His energy. But this I know, everyone not enveloped in Yahweh’s Set-Apart Spirit will be instantly incinerated-vaporized. The Spirit is the only protection. Properly applied, it is SPF 7,000.

And this (zo’t) shall be (hayah) the plague (magepah) which Yahuweh will inflict upon (nagap )all the nations and armies which (‘am )organize to fight (saba’) against (‘al - the Most High’s) Yaruwsalaym: Now, at this time (henah ) their flesh (basar - bodies) will dissolve (maqaq) while they are standing (amad) on their feet. Their eyes (‘ayin) will melt (maqaq) in their sockets (chowr) and their tongues (lason) will liquefy (maqaq) in their mouths (peh)." (Zakaryah / Zechariah

Message Hidden in the Names of His People starting with Atham of His Return to Earth...

Adam: Man
Seth: Appointed
Enosh: Mortal
Kenan: Sorrow;
Mahalalel : The Blessed Mighty One
Jared: Shall come down
Enoch: Teaching
Methuselah: His death shall bring
Lamech: The Despairing
Noah: Rest, or comfort.


Man appointed mortal sorrow, meaning fell from his spiritual state of being.
The blessed Mighty One will come down from his throne, to teach his children...
His death will bring despair, rest and comfort...


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